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💡 Understand Your Vision

We aren’t just another app development company. Our goal is to become a part of your team.

The first step of our process is to understand your company and your vision. We’ll ask questions like:

  • ❓What keeps you from growing?
  • ❓Who do you anticipate will be using the app most?
  • ❓What are you hoping to accomplish with a custom app?

If you don’t have answers to all our questions, that’s okay! We’ll discover the answers together while we work to understand your vision.

Maiden Voyage Client

🎨 Design your app or website

Armed with a solid understanding of your vision, and our software development expertise, our team will go to work designing your app or website.

Our designs are interactive and allow you to see exactly what the completed product will look like before we begin.

Curious what those designs look like? Check them out

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🖥️ Develop your app or website

After you’re confident in the software we’ve designed, it’s our time to shine. We’ll turn the designs into a hand-crafted app or website.

The development phase is different for every project, but will consist of things like:

  • ✨ Building your custom software
  • ✨ Implementing advanced features
  • ✨ Using APIs to connect with your other systems
  • ✨ Communicating with you via text or email with any questions

Throughout the development process, you can expect frequent updates and “sneak-peaks” of your app or website.

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⚒️ Continue to improve

As your business continues to scale and improve, so should your software.

Our optional maintenance packages give you access to ongoing developer resources and support to make sure your software evolves with your business. We’ll work with you to do things like

  • ✅ Adapt your software to the changing needs of your business
  • ✅ Make sure your custom software is easy to use and bug free
  • ✅ Ask users for feedback and enhancement requests
  • ✅ Provide tech support services for your users
  • ✅ And much more…

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